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Okinawa’s west coast has an inviting American atmosphere!

Chatan Town, located in central part of Okinawa’s main island, is one of the most entertaining areas on the island. The area features Mihama American Village with its landmark famous Ferris wheel. Lined with numerous restaurants and with a large commercial complex and resort hotels nearby, American Village is always packed with both locals and international tourists.

New shopping areas, including Chatan Fisharena have opened one after another in the Mihama area, adding more yet more attractions to the booming resort area. On the Miyagi shore of Sunabe area, not-to-be-missed breakfast cafés and other eateries dot the colorful coastline.

In sunny, beachside Chatan Town, a peerless view of the ocean against a backdrop of the sun setting beyond Kerama Islands is one of the town’s most charming daily highlights. Welcome to Chatan, the largest resort town in Okinawa, where you can enjoy an exotic, slow-paced atmosphere.

Araha Beach is one of Chatan’s iconic attractions.

This 600-meter stretch of beaches is one of the largest in Okinawa’s central area, offering a picturesque landscape, views of the Okinawa Convention Center to the left and the Kerama Islands straight out to sea and a bewitching view of city lights at night.

The beach is part of Araha Park, which also features a replica of a pirate ship – the park’s landmark – along with enough playground equipment to brighten up children’s holidays. A leisurely cycle path to American Village, three-on-three basketball courts and a wide variety of marine activities, including banana boating or jet skiing are also on offer. On weekends, the beach is popular with Americans who feel at home in this area that is reminiscent of the American West Coast.

* Free parking for more than 100 cars is available at Araha Park.


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car rental service

How about renting a car as well? With Oasis Rental Car, you can not only pick up and drop off at the airport, but also have the flexibility to pick up and drop off your car at any location between the airport and your hotel.

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ARAPANA Marine Services

Diving and snorkeling at the Kerama Islands national park or the blue caves in Onna Village, as well as several water fun tours and excursions are offered every day! In addition, jet skiing, wakeboarding, fly boarding, speed boarding, parasailing, sailing and fishing are also available. Leave your fun arrangements to us! Reservation can be accepted up until 16:00 of the day prior to your activity! We’ll strive to accommodate your requests.

Enjoy the ultimate relaxing experience surrounded by the soothing sound of waves a private room at the Araha Resort Arapana. Escape from the hustle and bustle city life.